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You can expect to get a wide range of maintenance services through Europro! It's not just plumbing or appliance maintenance, we can put you in contact with the best professionals in carpentry of household furniture as well as porches and decks. We can help you find electricians in Dubai to help you rewire your home or repair your AC, outlets, and panels. If your bathroom is flooding or just dripping all night, we can help you find plumbers in Dubai to come over right away! We can even help you get in touch with locksmith services if you lost your key! Just tell us what the problem is and we'll find the right Dubai repairman or maintenance service for you.


Europro upholds its integrity by keeping an open communication with our clients when it comes to our prices and the time estimations on doing the home maintenance service.

Our company is transparent with its pricings. We do not lie just to gain your trust. We guarantee that there are no hidden charges and you can be sure that we will only deliver quality home maintenance service(s) with what you pay for .

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home improvement ideas

Simple Bathroom Makeover

Make your cramped bathroom feel more spacious and stylish by tearing out the old vanity and sink and installing a new pedestal sink. It's the easiest way to remodel a bathroom. This simple change-out will make your entire bathroom will feel fresh and new again.

Wallpaper on One Wall

Wallpaper on one wall adds drama to a dull room with less effort and expense than covering the whole room. It also lets you choose a bold pattern that would be overpowering on four walls.

lights:Halogen track lighting

Rail track lighting is practical as well as decorative. Use spots to highlight pictures and objects.

Installed rollout kitchen

Rollouts turn wasted space deep inside cabinets into accessible storage space.